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Jared Osmond

"I'm in the Creative industry and so I'm not much good at getting anything done until the deadline is just minutes, hours or days away. It was no different with my brother's bachelor party. And to complete the theme of a 'German Beer Fest' I wanted a giant glass boot/'Das Boot'. But I only had four days to get it. Thankfully, after searching stores across Gauteng and the Net, I stumbled onto your website. I not only found the perfect boot there - it came at a great price and the guys made a plan to get it to me in time. Needless to say my brother loved the gift on the day (and his impressive hangover was a testament to the 'volume' of fun the Das Boot added to the bachelor's)."

BarStore.net | Testimonial Image

Hanrie Smith

"Firstly I want to give a big thanks to you for your excellent service. I had to find a drinking boot glass for Saturday and I looked everywhere and couldn’t find one. Then I remembered one of our clients has his own shop selling these glass boots, I emailed him immediately for help, and in seconds he responded with an answer YES!!!! They have 2 left. The next morning he send me an email saying he will deliver 10h30am, and on the dot he was here. I just want to say thank you so much for your excellent service and would recommend your business to anyone."

BarStore.net | Testimonial Image

Kim Kasselmann

"Thank you so much, the glasses are lovely. I loved the professional service BarStore offered as well as the follow ups on where my order was tracking. The website is an absolute pleasure to navigate – easy and quick. I will definitely order from this site again. Thank you so much."